Range Officers

Training for range officers

It is the responsibility of every shooter to know the federal, provincial and municipal laws, which apply when practicing this activity. Ignorance of existing laws is not an acceptable defence in a court of law. When people decide to shoot, they are expected to know the laws governing this activity and must obey them.

The range officer on duty is responsible for the safety of persons practicing target shooting with firearms, as well as the safety of visitors and observers at the shooting range. The provincial safety regulation requires the presence of a range officer certified by the FQT to be able to use restricted firearms at the shooting range. The range officer on duty must know the safety rules specific to the club where they exercise their duties. It is the responsibility of the club to make sure of it.


  • Be a member of the FQT
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a member of a shooting club recognized by the FQT for over a year
  • Have passed the Bill 9 competency test at least 1 year ago
  • Having practiced shooting with restricted firearms regularly in the year preceding the application
  • Is for restricted and prohibited firearms range officer only

If you do not meet these prerequisites, do not sign up for the training

  • Cost
    The cost of training is 60$.*
    *You have to be a member of the FQT to register.
  • Process
    To become a range officer, you must registrer via this website. The duration of training is 4 to hours.
  • Training and Certification
    Trainings are given upon request by affiliated shooting clubs. The simple fact of being a qualified range officer does not permit a qualified person to act in this regard without the authorization of the club they want to officiate in. The decision is the club’s to make.
    An individual must perform this duty at least once a year (or according to rules prescribed) to maintain their current qualification. The FQT reserves the right to disqualify any range officer who does not respect the code of ethics they adhered to during certification or who does not meet the standards of quality set by the FQT.
Become a range officer